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Warrior Adventure

Warrior Adventure is a game I designed as a senior design project in my high school computer science class. The game was an arena brawler where you controlled your character who looks quite a bit like Link (we had to use sprites and art "borrowed" from the internet because neither my partner nor I were any good at as artists) as you battled waves of monsters. The thing about the game was that the monster spawned on a genetic algrithm. This means that each monster had a set of traits or "genes" which would determine how they acted. They had genes for tracking, damage dealt, health, damage resistance from various sources, among other things.

These genes would be passed down to monsters in later levels based on how fit the monsters in the current level were. Their fitness was deterrmined by a function of how long a monster lasted in a level and how much damage it dealt to the player.

Ideally, over time, the game was then supposed to adapt to how you played so that later waves of monsters would have genes that would counter the player's playing style.

The First Level

At the beginning of the game, the enemies have randomly-generated genes

Later Levels

Later levels, the enemies evolve and have genes that hinder the player based on playing style

Final Level Boss

At the end of the game, you fight a large boss

Warrior Adventure was set to have 50 levels and waves with each 5 levels, the player gaining a powerup and each 10 levels, the monsters evolving once more. Finally on the 50th level, the player was to fight a large boss whose abilities was based on the average of the most fit monsters in the previous level. Upon victory, the player would have the option to start again with the upgrades they had earned in the previous playthough.

The game was completely written in Java with no help of a game engine. All the animations were sprite-based and coded by me, personally. It was a very fun little project where I learned how to work in a Java GUI, animations, and many other skills that I have retained and grown over the years.

At some point, I will upload the game to be available for play. Until then, I would be happy to share the files with anyone who wants them.

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